APEC 2017 Symbol of Da Nang city
Author: Phạm Thị Dạ Thảo Updated: 03/03/2017 Views: 46

Da Nang’s symbol at APEC 2017 is the image of the Red-shanked Douc. The creature that is considered a treasure of Son Tra and called the "the queen" primate is an endangered species in Vietnam’s Red Book that needs to be protected seriously and drastically.

Symbol explanation

The focus of the image identifying Da Nang in APEC is the image of the Red-shanked Douc, an endemic species in the natural forest populations of Da Nang. Next to it is nine - color strip with 5 consecutive colors that reflect the enthusiasm, prosperity, solidarity and stability of the member economies that are developing together and heading for a bright future.

In addition, 5 main colors represent 5 fundamental elements of the 21st Century APEC Forum: Dynamic, Action, Creativity, Solidarity, and Towards the future.

Besides, the image formation also creates the association of the strong bird wings and beautiful waves of Da Nang, of Son Tra Forest. The arc of the outer circle symbolizes the enclosure and integration with the world.

The coherent whole is like a spiral that is increasingly broadening towards a solidarity and sustainable development of the city.

Through this symbol, Da Nang wants to send the international friends to attend APEC 2017 a Da Nang’s image of a modern young city as well as a green city and a friendly city with the environment. At the same time, this symbol aims to convey the message of calling people to protect the environment.

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